Environmental compliance and sustainability can - and should - improve your bottom line. Let us show you how.

Environmental compliance and sustainability can - and should - improve your bottom line. Let us show you how.

About Us

MugenKioku is a certified SBA 8(a), disadvantaged, minority- and woman-owned environmental and sustainability consulting firm located in the Los Angeles area. Established in 2002, our experienced professionals are trained in the intricate nuances of environmental compliance (air quality, hazardous waste, storm water, wastewater, and refrigerant management), climate change, and sustainability.
For 20 years, our firm has developed innovative tools to proactively address regulatory compliance while helping both private industry and public municipalities advance their sustainability goals and identify areas for significant cost savings and liability reductions. Our proprietary environmental platform tracks material consumption, storage, disposal, and emissions, with real-time assessments of operational compliance.
Beyond compliance, we are proud to announce the launch of our patent pending Enso Green Procurement Marketplace to advance the principles of sustainability and circular economy to reduce waste, promote recycling and reuse, preserve virgin materials, and bring industries and countries together in new ways.

Working with MugenKioku ensures environmental compliance for your operations and places your organization at the forefront of sustainability. We look forward to partnering with you!

Environmental Consulting

Environmental compliance doesn’t have to hurt your bottom line. Find out how our proactive guidance can save your company money and identify areas of opportunity. By benchmarking your operations against best management practices, your company can reap the benefits of proactive leadership, instead of paying the high price of costly retrofits.

Sustainability Consulting

MugenKioku is founded upon the fundamental concept that sustainability improves both your business and the environment that supports it. We employ a holistic approach to developing sustainability goals, strategies, and metrics, and a measured and transparent process for implementation.

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Please reach out to us — we would be happy to discuss which solutions best fit your needs.