Facilities that discharge industrial wastewater into local waterways or a local sewer system must meet local, regional, and federal regulations to ensure water quality is maintained and that municipal wastewater treatment plants can appropriately handle all discharges.   Municipalities and counties often share the responsibility of issuing permits, inspecting facilities, receiving and reviewing reports, and enforcing regulations.  MugenKioku helps facilities navigate agency requirements and maintain compliance with all applicable regulations.

Self-Monitoring Report

Annual Surcharge Statements

  • Many counties, including the Los Angeles County Sanitation District, require facilities to annually report on the quantity and quality of wastewater discharged into the municipal sewer system.  The extent of the information required depends on the nature and location of the Facility.
  • MugenKioku assists facilities in identifying applicable regulations, and in preparing and submitting the required reports.

Exemption Statements


  • New Facility Permits
  • Increases in Wastewater Discharge

Wastewater Sampling Support