Naomi Stone Wilhelm

Naomi Stone Wilhelm

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO Naomi Stone brings a lifelong passion for the environment to her work at MugenKioku. She has 25 years of experience in environmental consulting with extensive expertise in air quality, hazardous materials, waste management, wastewater, stormwater, ozone depleting substance and greenhouse gas mitigation, climate change, and sustainability strategy.

As the leader of MugenKioku, Naomi has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and public municipalities to assess on-site compliance, negotiate and implement federal consent decrees, and develop and implement proprietary environmental management tools for recordkeeping, emissions, permitting, auditing, and reporting.

Her sustainability work with the United Nations Environment Programme and nearly 20 years of experience in California’s advanced regulatory climate have been integral to promoting proactive compliance and sustainability for all her clients throughout the United States.

Naomi has more than 17 years of experience as a proxy environmental manager for numerous industrial facilities throughout the country, where she has developed comprehensive, proactive approaches to managing risk, reducing liability, saving money, minimizing waste, and conserving resources.

Naomi holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from MIT and an MBA with a concentration in social entrepreneurship from Columbia Business School. She is a certified Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure and a Certified Permitting Professional (CPP) with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

Naomi is currently a fellow with the Mira Fellowship where she is validating her patent pending Green Procurement Marketplace to advance the principles of sustainability and a circular economy to combat climate change, resource scarcity, socio-economic disparity, and waste.

To learn more about Naomi, click below to read her Columbia Business School interview:


Eleanor Kane

Eleanor Kane

Environmental Consultant

Eleanor Kane is an Environmental Consultant with MugenKioku Corporation. Prior to joining MugenKioku, she spent nearly 10 years with the United States Environmental Protection Agency as an Environmental Engineer in their Air Enforcement & Compliance Assurance team. In this role, Eleanor focused on enforcing the Clean Air Act, and developed expertise in assessing compliance with a wide range of air quality regulations and in negotiating equitable resolutions where noncompliance was identified.

Eleanor has worked to assess compliance with numerous state and federal EPA regulations, including NSPS, NESHAP, PSD, and Refrigerant Handling, across a diverse set of industries and operations. She worked to identify equitable and beneficial settlement terms to appropriately resolve violations, mitigate environmental harm, and discourage further noncompliance.

Eleanor applies a balance of technical and quantitative assessments in her work and approaches challenges with a nuanced policy perspective to identify proactive approaches to environmental compliance that are effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Eleanor began her career with the Peace Corps, working on technical implementation and educational programs related to clean drinking water and sanitation programs in West Africa. Eleanor’s worked directly addressed strategies to reduce the spread of Cholera and educate female village leaders about safe water practices.

Eleanor holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from MIT and Master of Public Policy and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, both from UC Berkeley.

Nikki Springer

Nikki Springer

Sustainability Consultant

Nikki is an Environmental Consultant with MugenKioku Corporation. Prior to joining MugenKioku, Nikki oversaw landscape and environmental maintenance for Walmart’s domestic retail portfolio and implemented numerous sustainable management practices across thousands of store locations.

Nikki brings a diverse, holistic approach to facility design, construction, and maintenance that prioritizes sustainability throughout the full life cycle of a facility. She has prior experience with the Walt Disney Company and major landscape architecture firms in New York City and Shanghai.

Nikki holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from MIT, a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard, and both an MBA and a PhD in Environmental Management from Yale University. Her dissertation research developed a multi-pronged analysis of renewable energy infrastructure development on public lands in the American West.

Christina Spencer

Christina Spencer

Software Engineering Consultant

Christina Spencer is a Software Engineering Consultant with MugenKioku Corporation. Prior to joining MugenKioku, she worked for 25 years as a software engineer, primarily as a full stack developer designing systems for commercial clients as well as for the United States Air Force.

Christina has designed scalable Java applications implementing relational databases and developed web sites using a variety of scripts and languages but with special expertise in Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Christina holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and Master of Science from Denver University with a concentration in Distributed Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.