Sustainability Consulting

MugenKioku is founded upon the fundamental concept that sustainability improves both your business and the environment that supports it. We employ a holistic approach to developing sustainability goals, strategies, and metrics, and a measured and transparent process for implementation. Investments in sustainability can – and should – enrich each functional area and better connect your company with your suppliers, clients, and customers while providing an ever-increasing return on investment.

MugenKioku offers sustainability consulting services tailored to project and market needs. We are experienced in corporate and organizational sustainability plans, metric reporting, energy, waste and emissions target development, zero-waste strategy, water efficiency plans, landfill diversion, alternative material use, operations assessment, and refrigerant recycling.

We work one-on-one with our corporate and municipal clients to develop sustainability plans and implement meaningful reductions in environmental and carbon footprints while also reducing costs and liability. Whether your company is looking to revise or expand your sustainability plans or is just beginning its sustainability journey, MugenKioku looks forward to joining you in that endeavor.