Midori Metrics


Sustainability Scorecard

Midori is the Japanese word for “green,” a fitting name for MugenKioku’s trademarked sustainability scorecard, Midori Metrics™.

Midori Metrics™ is MugenKioku’s proprietary sustainability scorecard generated by the patent-pending Enso Circular Economy Marketplace. Enso facilitates the purchase of alternative materials by industrial buyers and the sale of these materials by waste generators. Midori Metrics™ allows buyers to comprehensively evaluate potential substitutions in real-time with calculated savings of virgin raw materials, waste, energy, water, carbon emissions, and cost.

Environmental impacts are calculated both in absolute values and relative to the virgin materials meant to be replaced. For example, the Metrics evaluate the total amount of energy and water required to use coal ash in concrete, as well as the comparative savings realized by replacing the cementitious material of concrete with geographically available alternatives such as coal ash, blast-furnace slag, or limestone fines.

Midori Metrics™ allows buyers to confidently substitute raw materials with upfront comparisons of the alternatives. Buyers can quantify the benefits of substitutions, advocate for sustainable improvements, and get buy-in from stakeholders without the extensive research, expense, and time required to do it on their own.

And once a sale is complete, Midori Metrics™ allows users to track their environmental footprint and comply with local regulatory reporting obligations, in alignment with recognized standards such as PAS2060 and ISO 14064.

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