(Circular Economy)


Enso Green Procurement Marketplace

Over the past 20 years, MugenKioku has proudly supported our clients by improving the environmental footprint and sustainability of their businesses. This has increasingly involved circularizing our clients’ operations and optimizing production inputs, including substituting raw materials with alternatives such as coal ash, construction debris, plastic, paper, and textile waste.

Now MugenKioku is excited to launch our latest subsidiary, Enso, and bring our extensive expertise and experience in material substitution to a wider market. Enso is our patent-pending green procurement marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of waste (material, component, and post-consumer product) with the community, resources, and expertise needed to partake in a circular economy of recycled and alternative materials.

Enso is a comprehensive marketplace experience that takes the guesswork out of identifying alternative materials for buyers and converts disposal costs into revenue for sellers. Within the online marketplace, users are supported by MugenKioku’s expertise of alternatives, substitution ratios, localized sourcing, environmentally-compliant handling of waste, and Midori Metrics™ (our trademarked sustainability scorecard).

The beating heart of the platform is our proprietary algorithm that guides users to optimal substitutions based on intended use, environmental impact, geographical availability, and cost, whether replacing a single material (e.g., cement) or fulfilling a specific function (e.g., paving roads). This algorithm codifies MugenKioku’s extensive intellectual capital and experience of material substitutions, for the benefit of buyers across the industry. We provide buyers the same confidence and assurance afforded our clients to make environmentally conscious substitutions in their operations.

Enso will fully launch in 2023, after a state-by-state rollout. As we continue to develop Enso over 2022, we welcome interested organizations in California and Washington to participate in pilot transactions. Please contact us if you’re interested in taking part in this revolutionary move toward sustainability.

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